How to Make

How to make a door

How to make a door

I started by cutting the wood that I was going to use for the door frame, Cleaned one side with my edger and then made the wood 4 centimeters thick.

I use my planner to clean the cuts.

Next, I cut for How to make a door the pieces in length I need. This is how it will look like I keep marking the cuts and the joints; I like to use mortise and tenon joints. They are strong and stable and can be used in many projects.

I am using the drill on my table saw to make the mortises that are half an inch thick and two and a half deep.

Then I work on the tenons that are a little thinner than the mortises to make a nice loose fit. After I make those cuts on the table, saw I use the miter saw to cut off the excess and make this curve shape on the top crossbar.

How to make a door

I think it will look better than using a square shape to make the joints fit; we need to make the dowels round or the mortises square.

After you have all the pieces ready for How to make a door, it’s time to assemble the door frame. I’m just using glue for the joints because I don’t want any nail or screw marks, so I glued it down, clamped it down tight, and then let it dry for a couple of hours.

While the door frame is drying, I work on the panels. I need to glue two boards together to get the size to fit inside the frame. I use some glue and clamps for this job to make sure the surface is flat and the two boards match perfectly where the gasket is so that it won’t be a problem in the future.

Once the panels are dry, I can cut the size required for the frame and have that perfect fit. I do the same with the second panel.

But this is going to have a curved shape at the top. I marked it and used the jigsaw to cut. It fits perfectly. I used my router to make the molding on the panels. The router bit wasn’t sharp, so I had to do multiple passes to get the final result.

To hold the panels, I’m going to use some strips similar to glazing beads. I cut as many as I need to put on both sides of the door frame; I make them round at the top using my router, then I use my table saw to make a rabbet it sits on the inside edge of the frame. This is the profile. Got a little bit of sanding done with the orbital sander, and by hand, boom!

I also sand the door frame before I put the strips on. Make a 45-degree cut in the strips.

Time to put all the pieces together

I cut them one by one to make sure they fit well together. That’s how they work. I repeat the process elsewhere. Then it was time to put all the pieces together. I used some glue and nails to join the strips together.

I do the same with the other part.  Noticed that I missed the curved strip, but that will come together after the panel. I flipped the framing and installed the first panel. Mark the length of the strips and make the 45-degree cut.

I continued gluing the panel first and then gluing the strips. After that, I installed the second panel doing the same as above. I made a quick template to make the shape of the missing strip.

I then cut the curve with the jigsaw and marked the width with the marking gauge after cleaning it up with the drum sander I made for my drill press.

We need to make a recess on the outside side of the strip instead of the table saw. I am making several passes with a rabbit router bit until I get the required depth

45-degree cuts

And then, doing the run over at the top, the 45-degree cut doesn’t work this time; I just mark a line and cut on that line.

Next, I attach the strip with glue and nails. I am using wood filler to fill in each imperfection and nail hole. I continue to cut the board to make the door jam.

The width of these boards is the same as the thickness of the wall. I cut two long bars for the sides and one short one for the top. I also need to cut the boards to make the door frame and the square boards for the top of the door.

Then run the pieces through the planer to the final thickness. I am going to install a mirror on the front side of the door, mark it in place, then use the router to carve out the hole for the mirror, then work on the strips that will hold the mirror. They will also give a nice look to the door, like the ones i saw in Juayua El Salvador on my vacation trip.

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